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Awesome works from awesome artists! Just spreading the fandom's talent!
None of the art posted here is mine. Everything is reblogged from the artists 99% of the time. :)

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When someone tell me they love my chibi style I say “Thanks!”

but I always wonder internally: "WHICH ONE…? I have like 10…"


It’s just that some of them are less used…

And I’m unconsciously creating more and more

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5 years late but quite dapper

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" ya' gotta' do something about that fading grace, cas "

i figured i should do all the cute demon!dean and angel!cas art while i can before season 10 rips my heart out. 

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Gabriel: This is super against the rules… but we aren’t best known for following them now, are we?


Jo: Need some help with that?

Destiel wedding preparations!! /)^3^(\

Season 6 or 7 alternative, no-deaths AU

They’d get married in a church ‘cause Dean thought Cas would appreciate it
and then they’d have the reception back at Bobby’s place, with a little sprucing up with Gabriel’s magic
Surrounded by a family of hunters and angels, no demons are gonna dare get within ten miles of these guys on their special day.

I have a lot of feelings.

[wallpaper pattern]

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he gifts me graveyards to plant my orchids
and i send him the torn heads of men 
who wrong my maidens. (a.c.)
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Castiel #3 in the palette meme for @

I had to redo this request again, the other one turned out really bad. So, IM SORRY FOR THAT!!

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