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No but I really love it when one of them (preferably Cas) gets deaged & the other has to take care of them.

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Heaven beside you, hell within
And you wish you had it still, heaven inside you
So there’s problems in your life
That’s fucked up, and I’m not blind

A little something for dinosrawrr!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Inspired by the thought that Cas runs heaven and Dean runs hell, and they kinda do it together. So there. I will work on the gif a bit more (it’s so shaky still), just wanted to have it ready for your birthday uwu~~ 

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heard your dirty prayer.

For the winner of my giveaway: capturedean !! 


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Okay but imagine long summer days spent by a lake no more monsters or demons or angels just each other ~

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if horns last longer than 4 hours, consult with a doctor. 

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