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Awesome works from awesome artists! Just spreading the fandom's talent!
None of the art posted here is mine. Everything is reblogged from the artists 99% of the time. :)

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I was drawing lots of stuff and for some reason I really wanted to draw Jess finding some sad looking dog-eyed sap waiting for the bus in the rain because he didn’t go to Palo Alto with an umbrella. I dunno’.

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"You just lost one of the best friends you ever had. But you know, yeah. I get it. You’re fine."

Posted 18 hours ago on Oct 20, 2014 236 | via + source |


”I see no point in wearing this sweater”

"Dude, you’re no fun at all"

i just wanted to draw them in tacky sweaters i guess?

Posted 21 hours ago on Oct 20, 2014 6220 | via + source |


Fanfiction green is a very big biggie

Posted 23 hours ago on Oct 20, 2014 641 | via + source |


i just want a bajillion episodes of cas interacting/talking with animals

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Team PieKaleBooks.

Now I need to buy new blades!

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