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Awesome works from awesome artists! Just spreading the fandom's talent!
None of the art posted here is mine. Everything is reblogged from the artists 99% of the time. :)

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bonejangless replied to your post:

I love this blog! As an artist not only is it cool to have help getting my stuff out there, it’s also a great resource for viewing other peoples work and getting inspired by it! So thank you! You do a wonderful job :)

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I wanted to join the party (based on this)

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thezerohero replied to your post:

Jody was awesome!, Kick ass hunter-cop, I also like how she to adopted plaid into her wardrobe. I do hope this isn’t the last we see of her!

Right?? I particularly loved that her emotional side was also explored! And well explored! Ugh why can’t she staaaaay

katara-alchemist replied to your post:

RIGHT? That was the first thing I thought with the head chopping scene. Not that he was scary calm, but that there is no way he’s normally stronger than a vamp.

Exactly!! ;w; Vampires are way stronger than humans, if I remember correctly. Omg this might indeed be leading into Cain!Dean idk what to do with my emotions asdfgdgjhnfsjnhfhgd OTL

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the woooooooooorst

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Sibling murderers Dean Winchester (a singer and tease who killed his girlfriend and friend after finding them in bed together) and Sam Winchester (who killed his girlfriend when he discovered she wasn’t going to make him a star) find themselves on death row together and fight for the fame that will keep them from the gallows in 1920s Chicago.

Man oh man was this fun to draw! Done for teamfreewill-fanart's April SPNAC. Thanks to maneatingbunnies for the movie suggestion!

Also bonus, sometimes I get artist’s block and this happens:

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For the spnartchallenge held over at teamfreewill-fanart

the poster parodied was one of titanic

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